Dear Aidan Adams

I’d like to express interest and put myself forward for the Swanlea School mural commission. My personal work frequently uses the history and folklore of our urban environments as a central theme (see here). I have good experience of working with community groups and schools, and I regularly produce images which thread together many separate ideas and stories, presenting them all-together in one image.
    The projects I am currently working on (mentioned in my CV) both integrate art and illustration into the permanent fabric of the city, and adapting visual art so that it can be permanently in the public domain and the methods involved in doing this is something i’m very interested in.
    Although i’ve worked with traditional mural painting and laser cutting, i’ve not designed for vitreous enamel before. It would be of great use if you could tell me what technical limitations the process has (would the artwork need to be vector, would it be restricted in number of colours etc.) so that I can plan the artwork accordingly.  

Please see six examples of work below; I hope you like them and think they are relevant for this project. My CV is also here, which contains more examples of work with young people and a list of clients I have worked with. Please do contact me if there is more information you need, or any other examples of images you would like to see. 

Relevant Recent Projects

1. Sculpture for the Morpeth Street Underpass, Mile End (Ongoing)
This work was commissioned by Sustrans, who wanted a piece of public art which celebrates the history and culture of Bethnal and Stepney Green. The ideas were generated via workshops at Morpeth School and from consultations with local residents, and the finished sculpture was designed so it can be laser cut from powder coated steel. The resulting design will be installed inside a heritage railway underpass where one of the sustrans cycle routes runs. Please see the slideshow below for examples of the mural design alongside explanations of the imagery.

2. Royal Maritime Museum, Greenwich (May-August, 2018)
This commission involved creating a series of screen printed, painted and layered plywood artworks for permanent display in the Sea Things gallery at the RMG, based on their museum archive of 1500 public associations with the sea.  As with the Hackney Museum project, this is relevant as it shows my ability to gather many stories together and present them in a set of cohesive images.

3. Fabulous Creatures of London Workshop, Victoria & Albert Museum (Summer 2018)
I devised and ran this workshop for 16-25 year olds this summer at the Victoria & Albert Museum, and used the theme of mythical London creatures to explore mark-making and digital colouring of images with the students. I would use some of the same approaches with the students at Swanlea.

4. The Hackney Museum (2017)
This illustration was part of several images completed for the Hackney Museum, and shows the architecture of Hackney, its culture and history, and also includes many of the pieces in the museum collection. I thought it relevant as it collects and conveys many stories based around an area of the city and presents them in one image.

5. HCEO Workshops (2017)
This project involved working with the Hackney Caribbean Elderly Association. Over a series of days the workshoppers produced a series of images which I combined and edited to create a banner for an event in nearby Gillett square. 6. Various Projects, Dagenham (2015-2017)
Between 2015 and 2017 I worked on a number of projects in Dagenham with Sustrans as part of their DIY Streets initiative, to make parts of the neighbourhood more pedestrian and cycle friendly. This included a series of workshops with primary school children in Marks Gate community centre, and the painting of a number of subway and shop shutter murals.
Additionally I thought it worth mentioning that I worked at Swanlea School running an electronic music workshop when I was a student - This was roughly ten years ago and I imagine most of the staff I worked with have now left, but I was there once a week for roughly two years, so I have pretty comprehensive knowledge of the area and the school.

All the best and many thanks for your consideration,

With Kind Regards,

Tom Berry